North West

First Class Sports Bar - Wembley

Less a pub, more a car park with scout hut attached. But you've got to play somewhere, right? Wembley isn't awash with excellent darts pubs and finding one so close to the station could be seen as a bit of a blessing. Despite what the name may suggest, First Class Sports Bar isn't a premium offering. Ahead of a major sporting event it will get crowded, the beer offering is mostly limited to lagers and the beer garden has more than a hint of Texas chainsaw massacre about it. Still, it's got a dartboard, although to be honest we didn't play, lest we hit one of the 200 half-cut Crystal Palace fans. It's probably fine for a game.

The Victory - Paddington

A battered old board in a deadly quiet bar. There are positives and negatives to a bar being completely empty. On the plus side there's no competition for the dartboard which in busy central London is an absolute godsend. On the downside there's no buzz in the bar, no opportunities to meet people, and when the music cuts out you worry the barman might shank you. But lets focus on the positives. Just 5 minutes from Paddington overground station and Edgware road station, as you walk into this large pub the dartboard is tucked away in a nook on the right. There's no oche, no electronic scoreboard, and a huge bulge in the board expanding the 7 halfway into the 19. So not a great darts experience. but beggars can't be choosers in this neck of the woods, and the large pub would actually be quite pleasant when full of people. Just don't take your eyes off the barman.