Prince William Henry - Southwark

217 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 8NL

Count'em: three dartboards! An embarrassment of riches in this sizeable, south-of-the-river boozer. There's one in a cramped corner by the gents, one outside and what I'd call the main board, where you're playing in the middle of the pub, directly in front of a dozen tables of seated diners. Now that's real pressure: you don't want to be trooping back after scoring seven in their full view. It's nice to see a pub putting a dart board so prominent in their pub, rather than hiding it away in some corner though. The electronic scoreboard puts this a class above most boards. It had chalk, a blackboard and a cloth to wipe it. There's a metal groove to throw from, which felt a little close to the board at first; maybe we were a bit rusty. Given the board's location, just watch out for waitresses/punters coming and going too.

Easy to get on the board?


Rest of pub

Named after a grandson of King George II (thanks Google), this Young's pub has a big outdoors area with chairs decking. Plenty of tables dotted around inside too. Bustling and in a busy place, close to a Novotel and Waterloo.

Beer selection

Young's options plus the usual.

How to get there

Southwark Station (2 mins walk away), Blackfriars (5 mins), Waterloo (8 mins), London Bridge (15 mins). You've got options.

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