Marquis of Lorne - Brixton

49 Dalyell Road, London SW9 9SA

Dog stops play! But fetch your darts for a game at this traditional Irish pub. Darts pubs in Brixton are sorely lacking, so this is a very handy find, situated at the mid-point between Stockwell, Clapham North and Brixton tube stations. Make your way down the backstreets to a road that looks very unlikely to host a pub. Here you'll find the Marquis of Lorne, a delightfully old-school bar, resolutely resisting the gentrification of South London. Enter the pub to find a long bar adorned by sullen locals. Opposite the bar is a slightly battered dartboard and well used chalkboard. The throwing area is roughly a metre away from the bar so any bounce-outs or stray throws are a threat to the peace in the pub, a situation that hit code-red when the pub dog came bounding across the oche to watch the game from beneath our feet. The sweat dripped down our faces as we carefully aimed away from the wires, an act that would have absolutely zero impact on the final position of the dart. Happily we finished our round without incident and Boxer lived to fight another day. Pool table Fuzzy champions league

Easy to get on the board?

The pub is always populated but rarely busy and people actually using the board seemed to be a bit of a novelty to the locals. So this place is always likely to grant you a game. The Bobbin in Clapham Common or Effra Social in Brixton are alternatives if you can't get on the board.

Rest of pub

In a second room behind the darts area there's a pool table, which was in use throughout our visit. Straight across from the entrance is a third room with fuzzy TVs showing the football.

Beer selection

The bar is strictly cash only, which left us scrabbling around to find pennies to pay for our pints. Luckily the drinks are cheap as chips, so this didn't take too long. Prepare ahead and make sure you've got cash. The usual selection of lagers on offer.

How to get there

7 minutes walk from Brixton, Clapham High Street and Stockwell stations

Quiz machine


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