Flight Club - Tottenham Court Road, Holborn

55 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1BS

Second edition of Flight Club in Bloomsbury offering trendy darts to the masses. The saviour of darts or the death of the game? What's undeniable is that Flight Club brings something new to the pub sport and, for better or worse, a brand new crowd. There's no barflies silently watching the board before challenging you to play for money here, but tables of young male and female office workers boisterously throwing the arrows. The games themselves are very slick, with some nice gimmicks that make the sport easy to pick up and play. Before starting the game each player must enter their name into the digital scoreboard and take an accompanying picture like at a bowling aisle. The decision of whether to sabotage opponent's pictures is of course entirely up to you. There are 4 games on offer and if you're looking for a simple match of 501, you've come to the wrong place. The games are variations on killer, 201, golf and round the clock with animations on the screen accompanying the end of each players turn. the weightings on the rounds of each game are such that one high scoring turn can effectively win the game, which keeps things interesting regardless of the different skill levels of each player. As if by magic, after each turn, the player's score is automatically calculated with no arithmetic required, which is genuinely BRILLIANT and should be giving sleepless nights to announcers up and down the country. Russ Bray, a robot just stole your job. While its not the pure darts experience we all love (murky pub, chalky fingers, permanent threatening vibe) its a whole heap of fun and will do its best to drag darts kicking and screaming into the 21st century

Easy to get on the board?

Book. Ahead. Oches can be booked for at least an hour, and booking really is necessary. The website claims that you can walk in on the day and hope for a game, but all of the oches were taken all night on our visit, and we had to book 2 months ahead to even get a game on a Wednesday. Its £25 to book a board at peak times, and £15 off-peak. If you can't get a board then the Cittie of Yorke and the One Tun are good local alternatives http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/the-cittie-of-yorke-holborn http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/one-tun-goodge-street

Rest of pub

Its dimly lit, but in a trendy way, rather than a cheap electricity bill way. Ye olde paintings adjusted to include secret dartboards and flights line the walls, and there are plenty of sofas and chairs for non-playing patrons to drink in.

Beer selection

Expensive lagers and a full cocktail menu! Feathers fruit cups all round!

How to get there

5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road or Holborn. 10 minutes walk from Covent Garden, Russel Square, Goodge Street & Leicester Square.

Quiz machine


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