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Welcome to Dartslondon.co.uk your guide to the best pubs and bars in London in which to play darts. This site covers venues from North London to south London, east London to west London, and we're constantly adding new pubs to the database. If you want to find where to play darts in London you're in the right place

Prince William Henry - Southwark

Count'em: three dartboards! An embarrassment of riches in this sizeable, south-of-the-river boozer. There's one in a cramped corner by the gents, one outside and what I'd call the main board, where you're playing in the middle of the pub, directly in front of a dozen tables of seated diners. Now that's real pressure: you don't want to be trooping back after scoring seven in their full view. It's nice to see a pub putting a dart board so prominent in their pub, rather than hiding it away in some corner though. The electronic scoreboard puts this a class above most boards. It had chalk, a blackboard and a cloth to wipe it. There's a metal groove to throw from, which felt a little close to the board at first; maybe we were a bit rusty. Given the board's location, just watch out for waitresses/punters coming and going too.

Marquis of Lorne - Brixton

Dog stops play! But fetch your darts for a game at this traditional Irish pub. Darts pubs in Brixton are sorely lacking, so this is a very handy find, situated at the mid-point between Stockwell, Clapham North and Brixton tube stations. Make your way down the backstreets to a road that looks very unlikely to host a pub. Here you'll find the Marquis of Lorne, a delightfully old-school bar, resolutely resisting the gentrification of South London. Enter the pub to find a long bar adorned by sullen locals. Opposite the bar is a slightly battered dartboard and well used chalkboard. The throwing area is roughly a metre away from the bar so any bounce-outs or stray throws are a threat to the peace in the pub, a situation that hit code-red when the pub dog came bounding across the oche to watch the game from beneath our feet. The sweat dripped down our faces as we carefully aimed away from the wires, an act that would have absolutely zero impact on the final position of the dart. Happily we finished our round without incident and Boxer lived to fight another day. Pool table Fuzzy champions league

Flight Club - Tottenham Court Road, Holborn

Second edition of Flight Club in Bloomsbury offering trendy darts to the masses. The saviour of darts or the death of the game? What's undeniable is that Flight Club brings something new to the pub sport and, for better or worse, a brand new crowd. There's no barflies silently watching the board before challenging you to play for money here, but tables of young male and female office workers boisterously throwing the arrows. The games themselves are very slick, with some nice gimmicks that make the sport easy to pick up and play. Before starting the game each player must enter their name into the digital scoreboard and take an accompanying picture like at a bowling aisle. The decision of whether to sabotage opponent's pictures is of course entirely up to you. There are 4 games on offer and if you're looking for a simple match of 501, you've come to the wrong place. The games are variations on killer, 201, golf and round the clock with animations on the screen accompanying the end of each players turn. the weightings on the rounds of each game are such that one high scoring turn can effectively win the game, which keeps things interesting regardless of the different skill levels of each player. As if by magic, after each turn, the player's score is automatically calculated with no arithmetic required, which is genuinely BRILLIANT and should be giving sleepless nights to announcers up and down the country. Russ Bray, a robot just stole your job. While its not the pure darts experience we all love (murky pub, chalky fingers, permanent threatening vibe) its a whole heap of fun and will do its best to drag darts kicking and screaming into the 21st century

Clifton Arms - Norwood Junction

Darts pub in Norwood, a stone's throw from Selhurst Park. Back of the net! but no seriously it's quite rough. As the closest pub to Crystal Palace's stadium this is the sort of place that is rammed on a Saturday and deserted throughout the week. Go in on a Friday and there's plenty of room, a decent atmosphere and a lovely big dartboard on the wall behind the bar. On a match day the pub's only available to fans with a home season ticket and can get a bit rowdy, especially if Palace win, or if palace lose. Pray for a draw. The board's a little battered, but in plenty of space and the screens around show the sport in the evenings and bargain hunt during the days. Drinks are cheap, just don't visit on Saturday.

Red Lion - Soho

Deceptively massive Sam Smiths pub in the heart of Soho, king of the darts jungle! Despite so many pubs around in Soho south of Oxford Street, so few offer darts. Shame on you, the John Snow. Shame on you, Coach & Horse. Shame on you, O'Neills, for many reasons. Luckily the Red Lion is here to save the day. Upstairs in this busy old Sam Smith's pub you'll find a dartboard to the right of the bar, in good condition with chalkboard but no electronic scoreboard. The board is close to the bar, and in this busy pub it doesn't take for long drinkers to occupy this space with scant regard for those of us wanting to play darts ("scum, sub-human scum"). There are no flat-screen TVs to distract from the darts, and leather stools and comfortable armchairs abound, once you're tired of the arrows.

Glasshouse Stores - Piccadilly Circus - Soho

3 Sam Smiths pubs in a row in the heart of Soho and Glasshouse Stores delivers the treble 20. Walk down Brewer Street and before you come to Glasshouse stores you'll come across 2 other Sam Smith's pubs. Knowing that Sam Smiths usually delivers the darts goods, we fancied our chances of getting a game, but the White Horse and Duke of Argyll let us down. Luckily the manager of Glasshouse Stores understands that successful London bars require arrows, and walking to the back of the groundfloor bar presents the dartboard. The board is in a little nook surrounded by tables, so be prepared to act as the entertainment for groups of Japanese tourists, perhaps wondering why the red-faced man keeps nodding and pronouncing "good D, good D". A few distractions from drinkers heading downstairs aside, this is the perfect sort of darts pub for Soho, now Sam Smiths just needs to see sense further up the road.

The Blue Posts - Oxford Circus

Confusingly named pub delivers the darts goods. Bullseye! Helpfully there are at least 5 other pubs named The Blue Posts in central London, one within 5 minutes walk, so make sure you're friends no which one you're headed to before you meet up. The one with dartboard should be sufficient explanation, and if they don't know which one that is, then you don't need that negativity in your life. Truth be told there are better options for darts nearby like The Champion (http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/the-champion-oxford-circus) or the Bricklayers arms (http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/bricklayers-arms-tottenham-court-road), but The Blue Posts is a decent back-up and can be another stop on the Oxford Circus darts pub crawl. The board is located on the far wall in the reasonably small downstairs bar, and given the limited space around it's often blocked by tables and seated drinkers. If it's not blocked it's usually busy, so The Blue Posts is an option in Fitzrovia but prepare for a long wait for a game.

Williams Ale and Cider Pub - Liverpool Street

A Fantastic little pub hidden awa down a side road by Liverpool Street station. William, it was really nothing...but darts! If you find yourself in Spitalfields or Shoreditch looking for somewhere to play a spot of arrows then The Williams Ale & Cider pub should be top of your list. There's a lively atmosphere, great selection of beers and if you walk past the extended bar you'll find a dartboard at the back of the pub. It's discrete enough that you'll probably only play if you know it's there, and this manages to avoid giving the pub the sweaty old man vibe. At least until yer da enters! j/k he's toned it down recently, he's good. The board's in good condition, although there's no oche and limited whiteboard space. The location of the pub makes it perfect for a quick game before heading on anywhere from Liverpool Street Station, like for instance heading to the Olympic Stadium to watch Crystal Palace ineptly attempt not to concede 3 goals to the weakest West Ham side of the last 10 years. But the pub was welcoming enough that we returned after the game to lick our wounds and carry on the arrows. Nearby alternatives: http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/the-black-horse-brick-lane http://www.dartslondon.co.uk/pubs/cheshire-cheese-aldgate

Bricklayers Arms - Tottenham Court Road

After a long day shopping on Oxford Street kick back with some darts. Forget Harrods it's time for some arrows! This deceptively large pub is hidden away on a backstreet in Fitzrovia, but is an excellent option if you're looking for a game of darts in central London. From the entrance the front room of the pub looks too small to accommodate many drinkers, but around the back of the bar is a second room with a dartboard and upstairs is further seating. The smaller bar with the dartboard has just two tables so if you're in for the long haul you're unlikely to be interrupted by pissed-up 'friends'. There are plenty of other pubs on Charlotte street more likely to attract the tourists and locals so the bars usually reasonably empty, but just one board means thats you might need to be early to get a game.

Lyceum Tavern - Temple

Lovely little Sam Smiths pub in the middle of theatre-land. Mamma-mia! He's finished on the bull! Located in the middle of the Strand, the Lyceum Tavern isn't the sort of place you expect to find a darts pub, but Sam Smiths comes up with the goods once again. Though the place is filled with tourists, there's still room for a dartboard just behind the bar. Not much room, mind. The board is squeezed into a little nook, and it's placement next to the bar makes it tricky to get a game in if drinkers are taking up space on the stools. The end of the oche is reasonably close to the back entrance as well, so games can be interrupted by tourists off to the Lion King. The board is in good condition though, and with the low prices offered by Sam Smiths, it's great entertainment at fantastic value. Five stars!